11 March 2012

Saturday Fun

Summer and I went to the Little Penelope Lane Boutique on Saturday.  There were some great vendors and I collected everyone's business cards even though I didn't buy much.

I only got a few things... I couldn't resist these.  They are hair clips, but wouldn't they be cute to "top off" a wrapped gift.  double duty love

Summer made me take pictures in the photo booth. Oh geez we are dorks.  

It was a shopping kind of day.  I was supposed to get one thing from CVS... but Tuesday Morning was calling my name so I stopped in.  I had no idea that they had a small craft section!  Look at the goodies I found!  See that in the background?  Yea, it's 12'x24" designer paper!  Now I need to order a new mat!

And then... I received an call from Summer for an  impromptu crafting par-tay.  I had pinned this tutorial a while ago and I really wanted to try it.  Perfect night for trying a new craft, right?!?!  Well, it didn't really go as planned... I could not for the life of me get my petals to stick to the bud and if I did I ended up breaking them off when I pushed the next one on.  We tried to get the whole bunch melty (yea that is a word) and then get a petal melty and stick them together... but no.  And then... Miss Summer dropped her flower in the candle... and then even hot glue couldn't help. After a little over an hour... this is all I had. fail. Maybe I will try E6000 before I throw it away if that doesn't work, I give up!

Ok, I am done rambling.  I hope you all had a great weekend!  (I am so not looking forward to real work tomorrow.)

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