about me

My name is Nichole and I married my best friend, Mike, in 2009.

We have 2 fuzzy children, Doejah and Vegah.  (He actually doesn't claim them as children, but I do.)

(ok, I have a lot of pictures of Doejah wearing his donut... he has had a lot of surgeries!)

My dream job is to be a stay at home Mom.  (who doesn't want that job?!?!)  I hope that someday that will be... but until then, I work full time at my parents auto body shop.  Wondering how my blog got it's my name? My maiden name is Yeung (pronounced young) and my "new" last name is Hubbard, didn't that work out well?  Someday I will work on the mother part, but for now the fuzzy children will have to do.

Want to know more random things about me?
I love spicy food, if my nose doesn't run or burn it's not spicy enough.
I have to sleep with a blankey EVERY night, period.
I don't use my pillow but I have 6 on the bed.
I hog the blankets and prefer to sleep in the middle of our Calif King bed so we usually sleep with 2 blankets so that Mike doesn't freeze.
I am scared of fish, but seafood is my favorite food.
I don't eat leftovers but I always save them, let them get rotten in the frig and then wash the storage container.
I always get the same thing (per restaurant) when we eat out, I never look at the menu once I find something that I like.
I love the H in my name so I added a silent H to the dogs names too.  Maybe my children will have silent Hs too... we shall see.
I would rather stay home than go out, I consider going to my neighbors houses staying home too.
I live in sweatpants, also known as stretchy pants / sexy pants.

In my spare time, I sew, cook, and well do just anything that is crafty.

Join me as I navigate through life, the ups, the downs and everything in between!!

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